Padre Island Beach Sand and Waves
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“If you love camping on the beach, swimming in the ocean, or hours of fishing in the sunshine, then one of our parks is the place for you!”

I.B Magee Beach Park: 361-749-6117

Padre Balli Park: 361-949-8121

Park Activities

Camp Rates & Rules

Camp Reservations

Pier Rates & Rules

Fire Regulations

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Campsite Activities






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Campsite Rates

20/30 AMP Water & Electric Campsite $25 Daily - $150 Weekly

  • Includes Electricity, Dump and Shower Facility.
  • Limited to eight (8) people and three (3) vehicles per site.
  • 50 AMP Units not allowed in this section.


20/30/50 AMP Water & Electric Premium Campsite $50 Daily -  $275 Weekly

  • Includes Electricity, Onsite Sewer and Shower Facility.
  • Limited to eight (8) people and three (3) vehicles per site.
  • Vehicles must fit on pad and ramp. NO PARKING ON GRASS OR ROAD.


Tent Campsite with Water & Electricity $20 Daily

Includes Electricity and Shower Facility.

Limited to six (6) people, one (1) vehicles and two (2) tents per site.



Dump & Water Fill  (non-registered campers) $4





*** NO REFUNDS ***



Campsite Rules

1. Speed Limit: 15 MPH in the Park


2. Littering is prohibited


3. Small cooking fires are allowed in a metal container


4. Camping must be in designated areas and by permit only


5. Pets must be attended to all times , on leash and cleaned up after


6. Fireworks, firearms, pellet or b-b guns, bow & arrows are prohibited


7. Surfing is not allowed in restricted areas


8. Glass containers are prohibited


9. Driving and camping in sand dunes is prohibited. Destruction of vegetation is prohibited


10. No driving within 50’ of the waters edge


Important Note: Violation of these rules may result in removal from park.

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Camp Reservations

Camp Map Download

Please Call 361- 949-8121 for Reservations. Campers may request a specific site, however no guarantee is made that the site requested will be available. Campers are only guaranteed that a site will be available.


1. Camping Fees are NOT Refundable


2. It is necessary for each user to park his vehicle so it is centered on the site. You may be asked to relocate your camper or trailer if your camping are does not allow equal space for other campers.


3. Check out Time is 12:00 PM (noon): all expired permits are required to vacate the campsite


4. Quite time is from 10:00PM till 9:00AM


5. Camping is limited to two(2) weeks at Padre Balli Park


6. No washing or rinsing of Vehicles


7. No water will be directed directly to the ground. All waters will be caught in containers (Health Department Violation: State Law ART.4477-1)


8. Anyone over the age of one(1) is counted as a camper

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Pier Rates

●$3-Per Person Admission

●$1-Seniors, Active Military and Disabled Veterans Admission

●$4-Per Pole (limit 3 per person)

●$1-Per Pole (limit 3) Seniors, Active Military and Disabled Veterans

●$2-Cast Net

●$20-2 Hour Fishing Pass w/2 poles

●$50-Annual Walk on Pass (Does not include fishing poles)

●$299-Annual Pass w/2 poles

●$399-Annual Pass w/4 poles

●All Passes Expire at 5 AM

●Age 12 and under - free entry

●Law enforcement and media free entry w/ID




Pier Rules

1. Hook and Line Fishing Only


2. No Alcoholic Beverages


3. No Flammables (Lanterns, Heaters, BBQ’s, etc)


4. No Camping or Tarps Affixed to Pier or Pier Structures


5. No Diving or Jumping


6. No Surfing or Flotation Devices


7. No Climbing on Handrails


8. No Profane Language


9. No Pets


10. No Cleaning of Fish on Deck


11. No Bait on Fish on Deck


12. No Unattended Fishing Poles


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Fire Regulations

1. Campfire means a fire contained in a barbecue pit constructed and maintained by the County and or City, or in a portable barbecue pit, or an open fire in a fire pit or on the ground, and is not larger than three(3) fee in any dimension.


2. No Persons may build, operate, or use fire on any beach along the Gulf of Mexico unless in accordance with the provisions of this section.


3. A person may build , operate, or use a campfire on a beach along the Gulf of Mexico, if:


a. The campfire is at least fifty(50’) feet from any permanent structure, at least seventy-five(75’) feet from any vegetation line of dunes, and at least twenty-five (25’) feet from any vehicle  with combustible fuel: and


b. The prevailing wind will not blow embers beyond the dunes. Any wind coming from between the easterly and southerly direction that exceeds twenty (20) miles per hour as reported by the Coast Guard station at Port Aransas or NOAA weather station at Bob Hall Pier is considered capable of blowing embers into and beyond the dunes.


c. No Pallets or wood materials containing nails or screws


d. All campfires must be extinguished when no longer in use. No hot embers may be left on or buried in the sand. Embers must be thoroughly doused with water and cool to the touch before the person who built the campfire leaves the site



Padre Island Beach Sand and Waves

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